“…Dr. McQuiston had a tremendous impact on our management team. He got them interested in looking at our products and services in a way that would satisfy our customers’ secondary demands. Our managers started to recognize how possible changes in processes could benefit both customer and company bottom lines. Dan’s message was clear: increase customer loyalties by improving their processes to make them more profitable…”
— LandAmerica Financial Group

“… This session brought out to me that we need to be better at understanding what our secondary marketing competencies are. Our focus in other areas has prevented us from spending the resources to find out what our distributors need help with so we can help increase their efficiencies. Now I know the things we need to go out and do…” —Syngenta Agricultural Products

“… Secondary demand sessions with our customers are critical to unlock the hidden customer needs that are not unearthed in the typical sales call environment. Bringing in a broader cross-section of the key customer decision makers beyond purchasing is vital to really understanding what our customer’s are up against in their daily struggles, and Dan’s presentation helped us realize that…”
— Great Lakes Chemical Corporation

“The reaction from both the manufacturers and reps at the conference was overwhelmingly positive … our challenge was to deliver clear, intelligent market information and selling solutions and we accomplished this, thanks to you …”
—Electronic Representatives Association

“Perhaps Dan’s greatest skill is in bringing theory and practice together in a highly engaging fashion. Drawing on examples from his consulting and research. Dan always supports his presentations with relevant examples. Leading executive education and management development sessions takes a rare combination of subject matter and real world experience, and Dan brings both.”
—Purdue University

“Dan has instructed several of our tailor-made programs … without exception, the feedback has been excellent. His is very hands on, but at the same time his knowledge of marketing is very impressive … After attending one of Dan’s modules the participants are always very inspired…”
—JOKO Executive Education Programs, Helsinki, Finland

“You were a smashing success!! As you can tell from the evaluations, the folks found real value in your presentations. We need to bring you back!”
—Manufacturers Agents for the Food Service Industry

"Your presentation was excellent and it really got us thinking about how to apply the principles you shared to our own practices. The idea of examining EQ and then applying those ideas to our sales practices was most useful. It is always insightful to examine social styles on ourselves and for general management purposes, but to apply those ideas to our relationships and sales efforts with our customers is innovative and insightful. I believe it will have a real impact on our sales force as we move forward with this new knowldge..."
—Diversified Services Corporation


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