A former salesperson himself, Dr. McQuiston has taught sales to all sorts of groups for over twenty-five years. In that time he has witnessed literally hundreds of sales calls from both real-life and soon-to-be salespeople. A conclusion he has reached is that all successful sales calls have a structure to them that guides both the salesperson and the customer through the sales process.

This experience has resulted in Dr. McQuiston developing his own structure of the sales process – the DIRBPAO method – that guides the salesperson through the process:


Determine Social Style, Develop rapport, and Discover the buyer's needs

Investigate those needs and determine their current dissatisfactions
Reiterate key needs and concerns
Bridge to the presentation
Propose a solution and demonstrate your capability to provide that solution
Answer questions and deal with objections and consequences
Obtain a commitment to advance the sale forward

Taking place over a two- or three-day period, Dr. McQuiston takes the participants through the DIRBPAO process, along the way giving guidance and suggestions as to how to implement this process. Through the use of examples and role plays, at the end of the training the salesperson comes away with that structured sales process that is so critical for their success in the competitive modern-day environment.


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